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Beyond The Nest

Then there’s Paul (Demetrio Alomar), whose stunning voice and touching poignancy do credit to the real-life story of dancer Nicholas Dante, forced to hide his homosexuality from his parents, until they discover him in a drag club.

Broadway World

Don, portrayed by Demetrio Alomar, was not a crowd favorite, meaning Alomar did his job successfully. Alomar created a beautiful character arc for Don, however, that truthfully proved the message of the show and warmed the hearts of everyone in the house.

Danielle Llewellyn

Demetrio Alomar (Paul) captures the hearts of the audience, presenting his scenes with enormous soul and spirit.


Demetrio Alomar gave a memorable performance as Don, the macho, arrogant factory worker who starts out as Lola’s nemesis. However, when he steps out in a pair of high-heeled boots during the finale, we know Lola’s good nature has won him over, and he has come to learn an important lesson in humility and acceptance.

Plays with John & Wendy

Alomar communicates passion and longing with operatic power.

Press: Press
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